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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hard shoulder scheme rolled out

Hard shoulder scheme rolled out

A scheme which allows motorists to drive on the hard shoulder of a motorway is to be rolled out.

BBC Midlands Today has learnt transport secretary Ruth Kelly will declare the scheme a success on Thursday.

Drivers have been using the hard shoulder on an 11-mile stretch of the M42, from south Birmingham and through Warwickshire, at peak times.

Transport correspondent Peter Plisner said figures showed the motorway was safer at these times.

He said a report, also due to be unveiled on Thursday, would show that motorway capacity is up by 13% and that pollution has fallen.

The M42's hard shoulder has been used by drivers since 12 September, 2006.

A 50mph speed limit warning over the hard shoulder between junctions 3a and seven shows when the lane is in use.
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